Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here's Some Stupid... The Oil "Crisis"

If ever there was anything that demonstrated the ingrained stupidity of the vast majority of the human race, it has to be the "Oil Crisis". Why? Because, since at least the 1950s we have had clean, all-but-free alternatives to oil, at least to fuel our vehicles.

When I was in my early 20s back in the 70s, I was rummaging through some old magazines my parents had stored and came across an issue of Popular Mechanics from the 1950s; on its cover it displayed what was, for that era, a futuristic-looking race car. What caught my attention was the headline for the article about the car, lauding the fact it had won some famous race using a revolutionary new engine powered by a water-turbine engine. This was not yesterday, this was almost 60 years ago!

The list of alternative fuels to power or vehicles is growing, yet we persist in our deathwish by burying our heads, and our hard-earned dollars, in the sand as we throw insane amounts of money at the Middle East to purchase their over-priced, over-prized oil.

The most stupid thing about it all is that there are many really cheap alternative fuels that don't even require a new engine-type to use them. With gas prices soaring to record amounts, it could only be our entrenched up-bringing that causes us to persist in our rabid devotion to something the entire world would be better off without.

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