Friday, July 6, 2012

I Want My Mommy!

The Viet Nam War's main time period was in the 60s, it was pretty much over by the 70s. My husband's a Viet Nam vet, who came home in 1970, the year we married. The anti-war protests occurred primarily during the last half of the 60s, and were an out-growth of the Anti-Establishment indoctrination absorbed by those who called themselves Hippies. The 60s era was the period during which college-going teens were first introduced to unfettered Communist Anti-Establishment (anti-traditional, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-morals) indoctrination in the colleges they attended. That was a time of turmoil here at home that outstripped that of the war.

The kids of the 60s were the first to come of age raised by mothers who considered working outside the home to be more important than staying home and raising their children. The result was a generation of children disconnected from the sense of family that had always infused previous generations. We got the "a woman only matters if she works" mystique from the WWII era mindset, through "Rosie The Riveter" and other such war-time propaganda. The female abandonment of woman's traditional role as Homemaker has often been laid at the feet of the Feminist Movement when, in fact, the Women's Liberation Movement was a direct out-growth of the WWII female mindset that had done its damage long before Gloria Steinem appeared on the scene.

The WWII era was the first full-on frontal assault on the traditional family, the backbone of American society. It's been down-hill ever since. With the vilification of the traditional female role of stay-at-home-Mom, a death-blow was landed on the classic American way of life. Prior to that devastating accomplishment, the Communists had minimal affect in changing America's classic mores, because the loving influence of Mom was more powerful than the influences of the world outside the secure home environment she nurtured. When the pillar of Mom was removed, the societal structure began self-destructing almost immediately.

You can blame radical movements of every ilk, drugs, TV, cell phones, internet and/or social net-working, placing the blame on the generations since the fall of Mom but, if you do, you're blaming the symptoms and ignoring the root cause. A society that vilifies the critical role of stay-at-home Moms is a society that's chosen to commit suicide.

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