Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PC Is Killing America and The World

Let's hope Trump has the clout to at last kill, or at least critically wound, the PC monster that's destroying America and the world. Every time those who own the talking heads of the media don't want something to become an issue that topic suddenly becomes taboo for "intelligent" people to even casually discuss. I feel like I'm living in George Orwell's "1984", and it creeps me out. The minute any such touchy issue is broached, the propaganda machine grinds into gear, chewing up any person "stupid" enough to even mention it.

Though I'm a devoted Fox News follower, that's the major complaint I have against them, they're just as bad at pushing the PC line as any of the other main-stream media outlets on some critical issues. They may not want to legitimize the topic, but they have no true reason to paint anyone who has a question concerning that topic as some sort of loon. The very fact they're so quick to do that makes them as highly suspect as any other news source as far as actually giving us the truth on certain issues.

Only people who are truly unafraid of the truth, whatever it might be and wherever it might lead, can look at a topic in what really is an intelligent manner. The problem with so many areas encompassed by the PC machine today is that the facts hidden in those forbidden areas could very well destroy us all.

If you have questions concerning Obama's birth certificate, you're suddenly stuck with the label "Birther". If you have questions concerning the events of 9/11 what are you? A "9/11 Truther" of course. If you think abortion is wrong, everybody knows you're a "Lifer". If you're a member of the Tea Party, you're a "Tea Bagger" in an "Astro-Turf" movement. If you want to restore our government to its Constitutional foundations, you're a "Right-Wing Nut". If you stand up for Christian values, you're a "Religious Bigot".

Every time I hear a new label, my ears prick up and I start to pay attention. I've learned a new dismissive name probably means there's something that's at the very least important... (and perhaps even critical)... to either the welfare of our government or the welfare of our society as a whole hidden under that cutesy-sounding PC pejorative.

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