Sunday, April 3, 2011

"We will bury you!"

I remember a lot of presidents, the first one I truly paid attention to was Eisenhower, he convinced me I was a Republican at the ripe old age of 11. I've seen a lot of lousy governing, but I've seen how well it can be done, too. Reagan proved that firm but reasonable is what works.

We are a nation of different ideologies, and all should have their place. What's wrong today is that somewhere along the line a tiny minority of radicals usurped our universities and entertainment industry, and then our government, and convinced the people that the government should do it for them, rather than that they should do it for themselves.

Do you remember Kruschev pounding his shoe on a podium and yelling "We will bury you!"? Even as a kid, that sight made a lasting impression. It was evident I was looking at a mortal enemy.

The USSR's plan was to destroy us from within. From former KGB officers who worked in covert operations who defected, we've learned that one of their tactics was to infiltrate the faculties of institutions of higher learning, and subvert personalities from the entertainment and news media. They called such people in influential positions "useful idiots". They wined-and-dined those useful idiots, preening their egos, telling them how "special" and "enlightened" they were.

Of course, after they'd served their purpose, those same useful idiots were the first to be imprisoned or killed, after the Communists had taken over their country and things started going very bad for the people... as they always did. In fact, it was imperative they remove them, because of the very fact those useful idiots *were* influential, and could as easily stir the people to rebellion when they discovered Communism was very much *not* the utopia they had been convinced it was.

The first thing they would attack was God, since religion, especially Christianity, is the antithesis of Communism, then they would break down the family, then they would destroy the moral backbone of the society.

Look around. Does any of that seem chillingly familiar?

Watch the following YouTube video of an in-depth interview with a former Soviet agent, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the U.S... this could keep you up at night worrying:


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