Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All "Boomers" Weren't Marxist Weirdos

Though I'm a "Child of the 60s", what you call a "Boomer", I never bought into all that Marxist idiocy. I supported our great God, our great soldiers, our great country, and our great, hard-won freedoms. In college, I was a member of the Young Republicans. There were *lots* of us. Guess it's lost to history now, but Leftist trouble-makers made up only a tiny fraction of our generation, just as "Flappers" & Rum-runners were not all that common during the Roaring Twenties... though she lived through them as an adult, my grandmother said she had never seen a "Flapper".

Unfortunately, it's always the loud-mouthed fringe who marks a generation, the rest, just patriotic Americans quietly living their lives, always seem to get lost in the shuffle. That must be because "normal" isn't interesting. That's verging on criminal, since plain, everyday "live and let live" is the miraculous mindset that consistently works to form a stable society. We are not the crazy fringe, we are, and always have been, the mainstream, and we have come late to the party, due to being normal, God-fearing Patriots concentrating on making a better life for ourselves, our kids and our communities.

It's time for the warped fringe to crawl back to the edges and out of sight, where it belongs... WE NORMAL, GOD-FEARING, "LIVE AND LET LIVE" PATRIOTS WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

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