Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Truth is still the Truth, even if no one believes it.

Ninfa of Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant fame, a mother of 5, who started with just a taco stand.
Glenn Beck, who beat alcoholism, was the son of a baker.
Steve Wozniak, assembled the first Apple Computer in his garage.
Steve Jobs, adopted by a machinist and his accountant wife.
Henry J. Heinz, founder of the H. J. Heinz Company, the son of German immigrants, who, as a boy, sold vegetables door-to-door.
That's a very short list of very rich people who didn't start out that way. There are thousands more such stories, millions, if you count those who started with nothing and now have become admirably comfortable through hard work and their undaunted belief in The American Dream and in their ability to achieve it.
There is no "pie" of wealth, because wealth isn't finite, it can be created from nothing but hard work and a belief in your God-given abilities. It resides in the potential of each of us. WE are our own wealth, if we just choose to unleash it. But that can only happen if people are free to reach for their dreams. That's why America became so great, Americans were allowed what no other government allowed their people: true freedom to pursue their personal goals without caste-systems or other such stigma, because there are no castes or levels in America, we're all one people on one level, the American Level.
Need is the greatest builder of wealth, not greed. Have a need and satisfy it, find a need and fill it, create something that never existed before and create a new need along with it. If you believe in the "pie", you've been sold a bill of goods. That belief says that people are limited, that they can't help themselves, that they can't better themselves. That is a LIE! We are limited only by the chains we choose to wrap around our own spirits.
The American Spirit shouts, "There ARE NO chains! I am free! To follow my dreams, to better myself, to be more than when I began, and to bring others with me as I climb. To better the lot of a multitude of others because I have succeeded, so that some of them can climb, too... perhaps even further than I have!" For years Bill Gates topped the list of Richest Americans, but something many don't know is that quite a few of those on that Richest Americans list with him were his employees.
Anyone who sings the song of the down-trodden in America has put the boot on their own neck. If they're able-bodied and sound of mind, they're down-trodden because they have chosen self-pity instead of self-betterment. At some point those who have chosen to just shut up and do what needed to be done, no matter how hard or demeaning or lowly, in order to better themselves and everything around them through their efforts, will throw up their hands and say, "Enough! If you want to eat, feed yourself, because I'm tired of having my hand bitten."
Those are the facts in the Real World of The United States of America as it used to be when we still taught our children to reach for the American Dream and, if you don't like those facts, tough. The Truth is still the Truth, even if no one believes it.

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